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Ale LabelThe rules for designing a beer label can be so frustrating that perhaps you’d better have a drink first.  For a name, pick a trademark that you can actually protect.  Don’t call your beer “strong” or “invigorating,” don’t include anything that might remotely be considered a drug reference, and for heaven’s sake, don’t try to show your patriotism by putting the American flag on it!

Please visit the latest issue of Valley Business Front June [PDF link] for the full discussion on alcohol labeling do’s and don’ts.

And if you’re interested in learning more about trademark and brand development as it applies to alcohol labeling specifically, join us at our next round of Shark Bites this month.


An Appealing Case for the Washington Redskins

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The word mark of the Washington Redskins of the NFL

The word mark of the Washington Redskins of the NFL

A few weeks ago, the trademark dispute involving the Washington Redskins was back in the news again, with a federal district court judge ruling in favor of the cancellation of the “Redskins” word mark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  While this ruling does not invalidate all of the Redskins trademark rights per se, as we addressed when we discussed the internal USPTO ruling, it does deprive the Redskins of significant rights associated with its word marks (it’s logos and other marks not including the word “Redskins” are not subject to the decision.)  So what does the ruling from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in the case of Pro-Football, Inc. v. Amanda Blackhorse, et al. mean, and what can the Redskins do about it?

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