Monopoly Patent

Does your business depend upon a critical invention, formula or other recipe for success? Is it likely that your competitors will want to or be able to duplicate that know-how? Determining whether to lock those trade secrets away in the vault or to share them with the world through a patent, while guaranteeing your monopoly over the invention or idea, may be one of the most critical decisions your company can make. That decision, together with how you then utilize your know-how and share or not share it with others, such as through licensing or other royalty generating agreements, will help maximize your business value and establish your place in the market. We work with you to help you evaluate the pros and cons of taking your secrets for success public and, regardless of the decision, how best to package and protect the patented invention or vaulted trade secret to maximize the value and success of your business.

Understanding the complexities of the intellectual property laws is no small task. Similarly, availing yourself of the rights, obligations and protections of them by pursuing or defending litigation, whether by strategy or necessity, will make or break your ability to grow your business and be a market leader, rather than just another player.

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