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Appellate work and trial work are different. Advocates at the appellate level must present a well-crafted, well-researched and well-articulate argument to persuasively convey the deeper issues presented by your case. Both in briefing and at oral argument before appellate courts, you need an attorney whose experience in appellate practice and procedure is especially fine tuned to craft an effective approach that resonates with the judges of the Court of Appeals of Virginia, the Justices of the Supreme Court of Virginia, and the federal judges at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Our attorneys earned their degrees here in the Commonwealth of Virginia and continue to develop an appreciation for appellate work as part of the overall legal practice observed by the Commonwealth.  Some of our attorneys have completed judicial clerkships at the appellate level, having seen firsthand the “behind the scenes” thinking applied by appellate judges. We welcome referrals of such matters from our trial colleagues, and consult with civil and criminal trial level attorneys regarding important issues worthy of appellate scrutiny and attention.

Taking advantage of our office in Richmond, we can offer convenient appellate service to the appellate courts in Virginia’s capital, and throughout the state, including the New River Valley and Roanoke Valley.

Frequently Asked Questions

What decisions of a trial court can I appeal?

While an appellant can try to challenge many different kinds of trial court decisions, an appellant will have the best chance of overturning pure questions of law, or questions about the state of the law that were interpreted by the trial judge.

When can I appeal?

In most cases, a party cannot appeal until a trial court has come to a final decision, for example, by entering a conviction or final verdict. In limited cases, a judge’s decision may be subject to an interlocutory appeal, or an appeal occurring before the trial court has fully decided the case. An experienced appellate attorney can determine the best way to characterize a judge’s decision on appellate review.

What is my deadline to appeal?

Appellate deadlines will vary according to the circumstances of the case. An attorney can best determine the filing deadline applicable in your case.

Can I appeal a decision in general district court in Virginia?

Generally speaking, you can. The circuit court will hear your case again, as if the proceeding in general district court never happened.

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