When You Click “I Agree,” You Better be Sure You Do

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Who among us hasn’t experienced that recurring moment of frustration when signing onto a new online service and that dreaded little window opens, allowing you to read the numerous pages of terms and conditions of use at a generous clip of only 4 to 5 lines at a time? And who among us hasn’t started to read them, only to scan and scroll progressively faster until reaching the bottom, as if the really egregious terms might appear in bold red type that you easily will spot while speeding by? How about that palpable recipe of consternation, doubt and despair that sets in as you hover over the “I Agree” button that unlocks the door to an exciting new online world to which you absolutely must have access in order to share the latest video of your cat chasing that red light up the wall?

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Appealing a Verdict in Virginia

Attorney, The Creekmore Law Firm PC

In my last post, I explained the difference between a trial and an appeal and highlighted the manner in which an appellate court rules on issues before it. In this post, I’d like to focus in more on the specific process for appealing a verdict in Virginia.

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