Small Business Plan Returns, Reinvigorated, Reimagined and Reengineered

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small-business-plan-adFor a decade now, The Creekmore Law Firm has been a champion of small businesses. With the bourgeoning startup and entrepreneurial movement taking the business communities across the Commonwealth by storm, now, more than ever, small businesses in Virginia are in need of legal services that are realistically tailored to their budgets. Whether you are just getting started or have been managing your business for some time, we believe that having your legal needs met should be an integral part of your business planning — but not at a price that takes away necessary resources from your business development. That’s why we’ve reinvigorated our Small Business Plan of legal services. We want you to have the legal backup at the ready when pesky questions of law pop up, so that you can quickly return your attention to what’s most important – running your business. For more information, please visit our Small Business Plan page. If this seems like the right fit for your small business, submit your new participant inquiry there.


Don’t Take Your Grant for Granted

Attorney, The Creekmore Law Firm PC

moneyAny time someone makes a false statement in order to receive a payment from the Federal Government (like a Federal grant, for example), it’s called a “false claim.” The False Claims Act allows anyone who knows about the false claim to bring a lawsuit against the person who made it.

The person who made the false claim has to pay back three times the amount of the payment. The person who brings the lawsuit gets to keep from 15% to 30% of that money. Worse for the person who made the claim, this can mean permanent debarment from Federal grant awards.

Please visit the latest issue of Valley Business Front September [PDF link] for a case study on this topic.

And if you’re interested in learning more about grant management, join us at our next round of Shark Bites this month.

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